SSRS Error Fix: Parameters Must Use the Correct Case

The Value expression for the query parameter ‘@Parameter’ referes to a non-existing report parameter ‘parameter’. Letters in the names of parameters must use the correct case.

SSRS Error Message

When editing Parameters (names or case) for a Dataset within SSRS you may encouter the previous error message when you preview the report. While on the surface it may appear that the parameter has the same case in the Parameter settings and the Dataset query – there is another place where a change is required.

  1. Open the Dataset properties for the Dataset (s) that use the Parameter in the error message.
  2. Select the Parameters property in the left list pane.
  3. Click the Expression Editor  button for the specified Parameter.DataSet Query Parameter Values
  4. Here you will notice that the Expression is underlined in red. This is where you will need to correct the case of the Parameter name.
    SSRS Expression Editor